The US Forest Service is responsible for overseeing the diverse region as the Smith River and its tributaries make their way through the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and Redwoods National Park to the Pacific Ocean. Mark Roush: Why on earth are we worrying about this guy?He is a hard-core fly fisherman who practices catch and release tactics pretty religiously.He, most likely, is telling the truth about the fish bleeding.I feel bad for the poor guy–being surrounded by people condemning him who have most likely done something similar within the last year or two. But if smaller world records are being caught on a burgeoning list of classes, how is that actually 'documenting the declining fisheries'? With more food than your local all you can eat buffets (2,500 insects per square foot of river), the average fish grows to a healthy and hard-fighting 16-18", and pigs pushing two feet are not out of the question, so bring some big guns. This is the Smith River, one of the longest rivers in the National Scenic Rivers System and the only major river in California to remain un-dammed. The moment the fish was landed it rolled over and was fighting hard for air and died. Nice fish above – last time I checked; it’s legal to keep a native on the Hoh; personally – I would have taken pics and got measurements and released it, however – there was nothing wrong with what the man did. You can get a personal scale, like a Boga Grip, certified by the IGFA and weigh it on land (river bank) in front of a witness and document it with measurements and photos then release it. That makes me sick more, then this guy keeping this trophy of a lifetime. Administration of the river is split. shitty call English Pete. cograts Mr.Harrison great fish sounds like you are a better sportsman than most. on the way to nailing this guy to the cross, did it occur to anyone to ask him how many Steelhead he has released in his life? of the last paragraph. Lateral Line Media is a member of The Flyfisher Group, Steelhead World Record: Hoh River Controversy, Moosehead Lake Maine: Giant Togue Ice Fishing, Blue Horizon Belize: Tailing Permit For Days, Blue Wings & Streamers: Eagle River Colorado. these particular rivers allow a one native fish per year. He said he hasn't kept any fish from a Washington river in a decade. Killing fish this day and age is bull shit with a digitial photo time stamp measureing l+g you can have a quality mount done that will last 5 life times. The longer they stay at sea the bigger they are when they return. its. Oh and seeing as it's the only fish you have taken, might aswell make it one of the biggest! I wish I could pull in hogs like that once and awhile. We fish the Klamath from a jet boat, which allows us to sample many productive runs in a single day. Come up to the beautiful Trinity River Region and enjoy some quality steelheading on the fly! no need to be a dick and say shit just because he kept a native fish. I was thrilled but saddened the great fish had died despite 30 minutes of rescue efforts. I don't particularly. The possibility of a fish bleeding out from our hooks is something we all have to accept and live with every time we make a cast. We specialize in fly fishing with spey rods and single-hand rods for steelhead. A spot well known to most north coast steelhead fishermen as it is a spot where fish congregate to acclimatize from salt to fresh water. A involuntary lightening rod for change. He is a hard-core fly fisherman who practices catch and release tactics pretty religiously. Yes he could have released that fish to die, assuming that it was indeed gill-hooked and bleeding. There have been many that were out raged that he killed the fish becasue he wanted a skin mount, thinks it is a record….etc. Its better for my fishing experience and the fisheries. Over. The fish was landed on 8lb tppet and may be an IGFA record. But who really cares about a damn record…i caught a big fish….it ripped me…it was the chance of a lifetime…thats all i need! Why fish saltwater/coastal salmon steelhead with 6lb line? The official measurements for this fish were something like 42.25L and 23.5G and landed on 12lb tippet. Boga grips are good for small pan fish etc… They do a lot of damage to a salmonid specie IE vertebrae etc.. who have seen a lot more spey caught fish than I have, you'd be more likely to win the lottery than have it happen. Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. As far as whether he was right or wrong in killing it, all I can say is I wasn't there. Who knew Steve Bartman was a flyfisher. In Washington you may not remove a Wild steelhead from the water unless it is going to be killed and legal to do so. It would be great if this guy was actually the catalyst for some serious change. It is one of only. First, I have to concur with Mark here - the X% chance that the fish survived is forever lost, but the worst you could blame him for is an adrenalin charged rush to poor judgement. Seriously the problem isn't Mr. Harrison and his right to retain this fish, the problem is that there are not more catches like this that could have been let loose safely, or "Legally" retained with out a impact to our beloved river system. The Klamath River is a classic swing fishery and is best fished with a spey rod. Fishing World Records. Tom Chandler: @Guido: The circumstances surrounding the fish's demise have been pretty exhaustively talked about in a lot of other places (I didn't link to all the conversations about the thing because there were too many).And as Dylan noted, the fish was legally taken, which - in my thinking - is truly the starting point for this whole circus. He achieved one of many dreams I've had of catching a record size steelhead. customers just refused to do so. None the less I eat a half dozen or more steelhead a year sometimes more. The closest one to the Hoh is like, 2 hours away or something. However, I'm not buying that it was hooked where he says it was for a second. From his email, the guy seemed like a true steelheader who cherishes the resource. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. he has earned that right! Call me selfish. Franco Sirtori have been fishing for Steelhead for many years in the upper section of the mighty Skeena system, and have caught many big Steelhead. It forms a common delta with the San Joaquin River before entering Suisun Bay, the northern arm of San Francisco Bay. Your fish died because your gear was too light. We should be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and consume fish we are so blessed to have. However in the heat of battle and a fish of a lifetime such decisions to consider the fishes. It obviously had spawned previously a few times to reach this record size. More than a river, the Klamath is part of a regional watershed that includes three of its principal tributaries – Wooley Creek, Scott River and the Salmon River. I can say, however, [...]. I agree 100% with out lawing the harvesting of Native fish....However when someone does it legally!!!! Until all is stopped I can't see looking down your nose at Mr. Harrison, I would bet my fishing rights that if the net's were stopped, hell more regulated, OR EVEN CHECKED!!!!! Congratulations Mr. Harrison on your catch, and I feel for you for taking so much flack from people that are too ignorant to see what the real problem is........Fish On, [...] day on the Root River in Wisconsin, and a movie, are the extent of my experience. I Love and Respect wildlife as much as any and more than most. That all being said I don't feel that harvesting fish is all that wrong as long. That fish this big aren't caught all the time suggests, the mess we've made of those rivers, and it would be nice to see the venom directed at Mr. Harrison redirected towards those who fail to recover (or protect) our anadramous fish populations. Weather or not, the man is allowed a native fish a year on that system and he took it. use your energy to go after gillnetters or atleast chech or regulate them im shure they kill more than he did.
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