The bar … To’ak most expensive chocolate is the Cognac Cask Vintage Edition which was introduced in 2014. The cocoa matches the color and morphological profile of Nacional cocoa. To’ak. The Cadbury Wispa gold dates back to 1995 and shows itself as one of the most expensive chocolate bars in the world. To’ak chocolate sources its cocoa from Equador. The launch of this brand was in 1995 that was first discontinued in 2003 and was … The most valuable chocolate bar in the world is a 100-year old Cadbury's chocolate bar which went on Captain Robert Scott's first Discovery expedition (1901-1904) to the Antarctic. The bar, which is 10 cm … Featuring a range of the 35 dark chocolates containing up to 99% of the world’s best cocoa, it’s easy to see why. ... has been called the best chocolate in the world by some experts. For several years, To’ak has been the name in modern luxury chocolate, and have owned top spot on the list of most expensive commercially available chocolates with a $360 bar … 6. Most of their bars consist of cacao beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar, and that’s it. Each chocolate bar is packaged in a handmade Spanish Elmwood box.
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