Naveen Ramanathan is a software engineer with interests in This program also produces the exact same output Salary of Sam Adolf is $5000. With the help of a pointer receiver if a change made in the method will reflect in the caller which is not possible with the value receiver. Golang is not an object-oriented language. Any change made to the pointer receiver will be visible to the caller. With the help of a pointer receiver if a change made in the method will reflect in the caller which is not possible with the value receiver. In this case, if a pointer receiver is used, the struct will not be copied and only a pointer to it will be used in the method. In line no. This program prints Salary of Sam Adolf is $5000. For method chaining to be possible the methods in the chain should return the receiver. Refer to this link for other chapters of the series – Golang Comprehensive Tutorial Series, Next Tutorial – InterfacePrevious Tutorial – Maps. Methods belonging to anonymous fields of a struct can be called as if they belong to the structure where the anonymous field is defined. To better understand pointer receiver we first have to understand the value receiver for a method. Since struct is a named collection of fields and methods can also be defined on it. A detailed tutorial about arrays and slices covering the internal implementation details too. 17 in Golang tutorial series. Now, you can set a method on that variable, and that method is Receiver function. Since method lets you define a function on a type, it lets you write object-oriented code in Golang. In Go language, you are allowed to create a method with a pointer receiver. There is one other way to call a method as well as shown in below example. function func area(r rectangle) in line no.12 accepts a value argument and method func (r rectangle) area() in line no. Now the output on running ‘go build’ will give compilation errors. Now, how about the other way around. 12 of the above program defines a function perimeter which accepts a pointer argument and line no. Changes made to Employee struct's name field inside changeName will not be visible to the caller and hence the program prints the same name before and after the method e.changeName("Michael Andrew") is called in line no. 7, we have defined a method add with myInt as the receiver. Welcome to tutorial no. 17 defines a method that has a pointer receiver. Golang spec defines Method sets as: The method set of any other type T consists of all methods declared with receiver type T. and. There are a couple of reasons for this. To define a method on a type, the definition of the receiver type and the definition of the method should be present in the same package. The method receiver and receiver type appear between the func keyword and the function name. The receiver can either be a struct type or non-struct type. Consider a struct that has many fields. Notice that the receiver is available inside the method and fields of the receiver can be accessed inside the method. 17, we are using the receiver e and printing the name, currency and salary of the employee. The second is to avoid copying the value on each method call. This topic trips most go newbies. Both belong to the main package. There can exist different methods with the same name with a different receiver, but there cannot exist two different functions with the same name in the same package. If we move the file model.go to a different package named model. Golang tools cheat sheet has been emailed to your id. Then we created an employee pointer and called the setNewName method on it. The receiver of the method is accessible inside the method body. This flexibility is provided by the language. When a function has a value argument, it will accept only a value argument. In the commented line no.33, we try to call the perimeter function with a value argument r. This is not allowed since a function with a pointer argument will not accept value arguments.
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