Italian doctors, even when operating, wear sunglasses and sling a pink jumper over their shoulders. Nurses: Though technically not a medical specialty, let this serve as a reminder to you that when arguing with a nurse, you are never correct. Thanks for all that you do. Even if you’re not a doctor. I found two studies that said 1.3% and 3.9% of career choices respectively were negatively affected when exposed to a list of exaggerated specialty characteristics. We have different national stereotypes of doctors. And if you like the revised edition with the new panel, please feel free to link or e-mail or share via your social networking platform of choice. the 12 medical specialty stereotypes (2011) OK everyone, here you go, revised for 2011 for our friends in internal medicine. In particular, stereotypes that portray specialties in a negative light can deter aspiring clinicians from working in these areas, causing recruitment shortages. Specialty-based stereotypes are common in medicine, and they often stem from a kernel of truth. Germans doctors wear orthopaedic footwear and do have a sense of humour—it’s just different from everyone else’s. I was talking to a psychiatrist buddy about this the other day. Many of us will be familiar with common medical speciality stereotypes — “the tall, strong orthopaedic surgeon from the medics rugby team,” the psychiatrist who is “as mad as their patients,” or the “bike-obsessed-coffee-drinking anaesthetist.” But why and how do these stereotypes exist? One day the medicine attending is going to save your ass when you do something stupid and stand around saying , "Oh ****. Even if your side of the argument is that the DaVinci is the greatest robot. Or you're going to have a difficult medical patient and you will kiss his ass when he tells you what to do. Now what do we do." The power of these stereotypes is perhaps felt most keenly in the medical student’s world when sorting through future options. There are a lot of stereotypes that I think nobody genuinely believes ("All psychiatrists are just nut jobs themselves!") American doctors mainline investigations, demanding … Specialty stereotypes may be a source of entertainment on the small screen and of humour on the wards, but there is a more serious side to these perceptions of medical disciplines. However, those stereotypes can also impact the way patients and medical … French doctors drink cognac and smoke cigarettes with patients.
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