This allows you to have longer exposures and capture more light without blurring or star trails. Right now, [Chris] is looking into a German equatorial mount, a telescope that is able to track an individual star through the night sky using only a clock drive motor. The photos above show each star tracker with the standard ballhead camera mount, suitable for camera rigs weighing up to about 5 lbs. The following guest post and videos about astrophotography tips and building a DIY star tracker was submitted by Jason Anderson from Canon Blogger. How many times have you looked at the nighttime sky, seen some amazing expanse of stars and just thought, “Hey, now that’d be a cool shot!”? 35mm f/1.4 120s ISO800. Each tracker has an optional counterweight kit, and they all perform a bit different. This essential piece of gear astrophotographers use is called an equatorial mount, or perhaps more commonly known, a star tracker. Ultimately, their function is the same. Counterweight Kits. Star tracker camera mounts slowly move your camera at the speed of the rotation of the Earth. The best star tracker for astrophotography that we recommend is the iOptron SkyGuider Pro.
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